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Are you a Blinn College District student? If yes, then you must be trying to access the MyBlinn Portal Login. If you need help accessing this online student portal using Myblinn Login, you can read this article to learn everything related to My Blinn Account login.

The students who have recently enrolled in Blinn College District need to access their MyBlinn account and check various things online like course details, assignments or can update their profiles, and many more.

Suppose you are a new student and may face difficulties accessing your MyBlinn portal login. You can continue reading this article for complete details regarding the Blinn Student portal. I ensure after reading this article, you can easily access your MyBlinn account. So, without wasting time, let’s discuss this online portal.

What is MyBlinn Student Portal?

Today we are living in a digital era. A student must have access to the internet to learn various things related to studies. Blinn College District has realized that everything needs to be fast and receptive in this digital era. That is why this renowned college launched the Blinn student portal to access study-related functions for students.

Myblinn Login Portal is not only for the students; the employees and staff workers can also access their individual accounts. To access the My Blinn login portal at, you need a valid Myblinn Login username and password. 

The username for students will be like “firstname.lastname##’’. If you are a student of Blinn College District, then you have to enter the last two digits of your Student ID number in place of the last two hashtags(##).

But if you are an employee of this reputed college, you must use the provided computer login to access the My Blinn Portal.

About Blinn College District

Blinn College District

Blinn College is a renowned college in Brenham, Texas, established in 1884. It even has campuses in Sealy, Bryan, and Schulenburg.

Brenham is the prime campus among all other four campuses of Blinn College District. Most people even know this college as Blinn Brenham. 

The college offers numerous programs for students, which include engineering, theatre, music, agriculture and many more. The best thing about the Blinn College district is that it provides advanced study facilities to help students achieve better results. Additionally, the college offers student accommodation facilities, like dormitories and apartments.

According to Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, the students enrolled in Blinn College District can save approximately 40% in tuition fees compared to other Texas public universities.

Blinn Foundation even provides 300 scholarships to enrolled students of various backgrounds. Most students graduating from Blinn College District usually earn more than $9000 a year.

We have discussed in brief about the Blinn College District. Now let’s discuss how a new student of this college can easily access My Blinn Portal login.

Myblinn Login Requirements

  • You must have a web address My.Blinn.Edu for the My Blinn portal login.
  • You must have a valid username and password to access the My Blinn portal. 
  • You must have a device, i.e., a computer, laptop, mobile phone, or tablet.
  • Your device must be connected to a stable internet connection.
  • The student must enter the My Blinn Edu portal credentials like username and password for accessing the My Blinn Account Login. The user name of the student will be like the firstname.lastname## where ## means the student needs to enter the last two digits of the ID.
  • Use a computer login if you are an employee.

How to Sign In the MyBlinn Portal using My Blinn Login Steps?

You can follow the Blinn Edu login steps after having the following requirements. Additionally, you must have created an account in the My Blinn portal before entering your username and password.

So follow the steps below to sign in to the My Blinn login portal.

Myblinn Login

  • Go first to the official site of student portal on any browser.
  • Enter username and password in the empty field.
  • Click the “SIGN IN” button, which is present below the web page.

How to Reset the Myblinn Login Account Password?

Have you lost My Blinn Portal login password? If yes, then it’s pretty frustrating. My Blinn login account password helps you access the account and benefit from its study materials.

So you need to reset your My Blinn Login account password. So, to do it, follow the below steps.

forgot my blinn portal password

  • Go to the official website of the My Blinn Portal.
  • Click on “Forgot Your Password?” which is usually present at the bottom of the webpage.

reset myblinn login password

  • It will redirect you to another webpage where you must enter a few details.
  • Enter your official Blinn email address.
  • Enter the captcha image. Please click the “OK” button to submit your request and follow the online instructions.

Contact Details

Have you tried all the steps mentioned above but still facing problems signing in to the My Blinn login portal? If yes, you must need more help from the official team related to your My Blinn Login Account.

Sometimes you face technical errors while logging into your account, which will delay your access to the Myblinn account. In such a case, you must use the contact details below to contact Blinn College District.

  • Official Website: 
  • Nonemergency Contact Number: +1-979-830-4000
  • Call Center Contact Number (open from 8 AM to 5 PM): +1-979-830-4800
  • Bryan Tours: +1-979-209-7541
  • Bryan Campus Police: +1-979-273-7373
  • Brenham Campus Police Number:+1-979-337-7272
  • Brenham College District Address: 902-College Ave, Brenham, TX-77833
  • Email Support:


I have discussed everything related to the Myblinn login account. My Blinn Portal is a perfect website for students as they can easily know their course details, fee structure, etc. 

I have also explained the steps for resetting the password and hope that will help you access the My Blinn Account if you forget the password.

If you have any queries, then ask me in the comment section. I will try to clear all your queries.

FAQs – Myblinn Login Portal

1.) What is the official portal for MyBlinn?

Ans: The official portal for My Blinn is

2.) How can I log in to the MyBlinn portal?

Ans: You must visit the My Blinn official website My.Blinn.Edu and enter your valid username and password to access the account.

3.) I am not able to access my My Blinn account. Could you please help?

Ans: You need first to check your login credentials or internet connection. If you find everything correct, then you call on call center number.

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