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MyGroundBiz is the online website introduced by FedEx Ground that permits you to access your MyBizAccount. On logging into the MyGroundBiz Account portal, you can effortlessly access multiple benefits like company announcements, business news about logistics, and success stories and get offers on trucks and cars coupled with e-Forms and the statement of charges. So If you are reading this article, you are in the right place; you can find all the correct details for the MyBizAccount Login

In this article, we will discuss essential points of the MyGroundBiz Account, which will help you MyBiz login, change or reset your password and get other beneficial information. You can access your account by going to the website once you create your account.


FedEx is a popular courier and shipping company with head office in Moon Township in Pennsylvania. (USA). Earlier called the Roadway Package System, today it’s known as FedEx.

The MyGroundBiz Portal and MyBizAccount are all about the members who are associated with FedEx or want to connect. 

This article will work as a guide to creating and using the MyBizAccount FedEx Ground login. Reading this post, you can create and use your MygroundBizAccount.

What Are The Opportunities Of MyGroundBizAccount?

Companies/contractors, or individuals can benefit from the different types of services through contracting with FedEx Ground and operating MygroundBizAccount.

Pick-up and Delivery

Connecting as a P & D Partner becomes more manageable if you have a pick-up truck available. If you have a van also, you can effortlessly associate with FedEx P & D. Moreover; you can deliver the shipment to the local FedEx counters. It is also possible for you very easily to provide transportation services to the residential receivers and the businesses.


Using Line-Haul an account allows you to transport the FedEx Ground trailers from one hub to station, one hub to another, or from a hub to the station. You can provide transportation to the purchaser’s location. It’s also essential to transfer through stations or FedEx Hubs. 

What Are The Steps to Create MygroundBizAccount or MyGroundBiz ID?

If you are a business owner looking to contact the FedEx Ground Biz, you should create your MyBizAccount first. Below are the easy steps.


  • You will see an image here. Click the image and select the Create Account option for creating an account with My Ground Biz Account.


  • You will see a form to fill in for the Mybizaccount FedEx Com Ground. You will have to enter your First Name and Last Name, email ID, and create the password to access your account, then verify or confirm it.
  • Next, Click the box ‘I am not a robot’ and solve the captcha box.
  • Now click Create Account to sign up MygroundBizAccount.
  • Now You must provide only accurate information as you may have to verify those to create an account.
  • You will be prompted to choose the type of business you want to use for your My Biz account. The options would be FedEx Home Delivery, FedEx Ground, etc. There would be alternatives which you can opt for.
  • The last stage is verifying the email you provided while creating your MygroundBiz FedEx Ground account. 

Above is how you create the My Ground Biz Account. Now let’s know how you can Log in.

How to Login Into MyGroundBizAccount?

Find the following simple MyGroundBiz FedEx Login steps to access the features or benefits of the application. 


  • Now input your FedEx ID and password to log in. In case you find it tough to log in. Below are the steps to follow.
  • Enter the MygroundBizAccount through another link:


  • Here you will find an option to login into your My Ground Biz Account. You can select from the option.


  • Now enter the email linked with the MyGroundBIZ account while opening an account.
  • Now click on the ‘Sign In’ and go to your current webpage, MyGroundBizAccount.
  • In case of any trouble, refer to the page.


  • Now input your FedEx ID and password and click on the ‘Sign-In’ option per the above image. 

How to Reset MygroundBizAccount Login Password?

If you ever forget your MyGroundBIZ password, you can easily reset it as soon as possible.

Steps to follow to reset the password for your MyBizAccount FedEx:


  • Now Click on the “Sign In” to access MyGroundBizAccount.


  • Now Click “Forgot Password?”


  • Now enter your MyBiz FedEx email ID. 
  • Now reset your MyGround Biz FedEx password by clicking the “Reset Password” option.
  • Open your email address to check the reset email. (gmail, outlook, yahoo, etc.)
  • Using this reset email from FedEx, you can reset the password to MyBizAccount FedEx.

MyGroundBIZ Login Help

You must follow every step mentioned above to create/login or reset your MygroundBizAccount. If You follow these steps in the correct sequence, You will not face any MyGroundBIZ issues that could happen due to using the MyGroundBiz FedEx Login.

We have included every piece of information about MGBA FedEx in this article, so you can not face any issues. Still, if you ever face any glitches or problems, below mentioned are the helpful information links for fast resolution for My Biz Account.

You can access the customer care number Mon-Fri from 07:00 am till midnight. On Saturday, it is from 07:00 am until 02:02 pm (Eastern Time)


We believe this article on MyGroundBIZ would have provided you with all the required information and how to access your MyGroundBizAccount. You can also contact the company’s customer care for any further help. You may also use our comment box for other queries, feedback, or suggestions.

FAQs – My Ground Biz

Q. What Is The My Ground BIZ Website?

Ans: The My Ground Biz is an online portal that can be used by workers who have registered for services like FedEx, Line-haul, and Pick-up and Delivery. On visiting your MyGroundBizAccount, you can find all the information. For this, you can visit ( or (

Q. What Information Can You Get Accessing The MyBizAccount Fedex Com Ground Account?

Ans: Using this account, you can access information like news on transportation sales after visiting your MyGroundBizAccount. Here you will also get information about the truck and car-related earnings. It will also tell you the success stories of achievement, along with links to associate sites. You can also find details about the business, eForm, transaction log, and reimbursement, among other things. You must be a registered member of the MyGroundBIZ account to access it. 

Q. What Is The FedEx Ground Biz Contact Portal?

Ans: On this portal, you can get all the details of your business, like settlement details, Charge statements, e-Forms, etc., by accessing the MyGroundBizAccount Contractor portal.

Q. How To Get The Best FedEx Mygroundbiz Opportunities?

You must visit the website: This link will explain all the opportunities.

Q. Are FedEx Ground And FedEx The Same?

Ans: No. The only connectivity between these two is FedEx Ground’s associated with the parent corporation FedEx.

Q. What Does The Message Error Code:110 mean?

Ans: If you stumble upon Error code 110, it says you can not access an account. On this, you should call (+1-800-435-7647) to get help.

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