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www.feed.kroger.com schedule – The Kroger Company has recently started a new online portal called Feed.Kroger.com. The employees who work at the Kroger company are given a User ID and password. 

They will need these two things to access the Kroger E-Schedule by visiting Feed.Kroger.com. Kroger ESS Schedule will help employees know about their working hours, holidays, etc.

kroger eschedule

The article discusses in steps Feed Kroger Login @ Feed.Kroger.com – Kroger ESchedule. So, keep reading the article to know much more about the information.

What Does Mean By Feed Kroger Portal, And What Is The Need To Login At Kroger ESchedule?

TheFeed Kroger login is an online portal stated by the Kroger Company for all the employees working in the USA.

All the employees working in Kroger are issued a User Id and password. The employees need to input these two data for logging into Feed.kroger.com.

The Kroger ESchedule will help to know the exact hours the employees need to work in the Company. Additionally, the employee will know other things like holidays, relaxation hours, and many more through the Kroger ESchedule.

Feed Kroger Portal

Unfortunately, most employees find login into this Kroger Feed portal quite complex. But in reality, it is pretty straightforward and provides the most critical information to the employees.

Quick Feed.Kroger.Com Login Details

Kroger Employee Official Website

Purpose of Kroger Feed Login

To check Kroger Eschedule

Feed Kroger Login Requirements

Kroger User Id and Password

Kroger Paystubs

Yes, you can check Kroger Pay Stubs Online

Kroger Customer Support Number

1 (800) 576-4377

What Are The Requirements & Rules To Access Kroger Feed Login?

Every person cannot login into Feed Kroger Portal. The employees working in Kroger Company can only login into this site.

Below are some rules and regulations you must follow while accessing Feed Kroger Portal.

Kroger Feed Login Requirements

  • The Kroger employee must have a link to the Feed Kroger login Portal.
  • The employee must have a valid User Id and password.
  • The employee needs to have a smartphone, Computer, or tablet, and it should be connected to the internet for the Feed Kroger login Portal.

Kroger Feed Login Rules

  • You need to be an employee of Kroger Company.
  • Kroger Hr must have provided you with a valid User Id and password.
  • You should not share the Id and password with anyone of your colleagues, friends, or anyone.
  • You always need to visit www.Feed.Kroger.com to access the Feed Kroger Login portal.

How can I Access the Feed Kroger Login Portal?

You can log into Feed Kroger Portal by the below points.

Kroger Feed login

  • Enter the User ID and Password
  • Click on “I agree” button
  • Now you can visualize “My E Plan”
  • You can click on it to know about your working schedule.

What Things Can You Do After Accessing Feed Kroger Login Portal?

  • The Kroger Eschedule helps in knowing working hours or the time employees need to work for the Company.
  • You can apply for leave easily in this Feed Kroger LogIn portal.
  • W4 change can be done quickly in this online Portal.
  • Check pay stubs
  • Edit personal information
  • Edit Phone number or address if required.
  • Edit the address if you have 

About Kroger Company

Kroger is a retail Company in America and runs various multi-stores and supermarkets all over the USA. It is one of the largest retailers in the USA and has 24 Branch stores and numerous subsites of every branch in America.

 It sells goods directly or through its subsidiaries. Bernard Kroger founded this Company in 1883 in Ohio. 

The Company runs approximately 2,720 grocery stores in nearly 35 states of the USA, including the District Of Columbia. Apart from it, Kroger even runs jewellery stores, manufacturing plants, pharmacies, and many more. It has headquarters in Cincinnati, a city in Ohio, USA.

It’s estimated that above 5 lakh employees are working in this Company, and Kroger has planned to hire more employees in the future.

The Kroger Company has now started the Feed Kroger login portal for its employees to help them know working hours, payment, and many more.

How Can I Contact Kroger Company?

#1. Call Customer Care.

If you have any suggestions or complaints regarding any product of the Company or have any queries, contact customer care. You can call on 1-(800)-576-4377. You can contact the customer care officials on any day of the week.

But from Monday To Saturday, the officials are available from 8 am to Midnight EST. But on Saturday and Sunday, you can call between 8 am to 9.30 pm EST.

#2. Download The App In A Mobile phone.

You can even download the Kroger app and install it on your smartphone to get access to numerous features.

#3. Visit Feedback Page

You can provide your feedback by visiting Kroger’s company feedback page.

#4. Visit The Store Page Of The Company

You can visit the store page of the Kroger Company to know the nearby Kroger store in your location.


Kroger ESchedule is one of the best ways to manage the schedule of numerous employees working in Kroger Company. 

We have discussed above how you can sign into the Feed Kroger portal and details about working hours, relaxation hours, and many more. It will help every Kroger employee to access work-related information.

Thank you for reading this article, and if you still have any queries, then feel free to drop your questions in the comment section. We will be glad to answer all your queries.

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