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In this article, you are going to learn about the PointClick care Login, so read this article carefully and use the Pointclick care CNA Portal without any queries. 

We will help you explore the requirements for the POC CNA login, the benefits of using the pointclickcare portal, the password reset of the POC CNA account, and many more.

The Point Click Care CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) is the finest source to get all the vital information for the patient and the nursing staff. At the POC CNA portal, you can consider all the patients.

Hence, this portal will always notify you when any update is required, and the reason for this is it is a patient portal and need to be precise on time. The POS CNA portal is very beneficial for the employees as they get effortless information from the portal.

What is PointClickCare CNA?

PointClickCareCNA is cutting-edge online network software that can handle all the information in one location. Technology has driven on to new boundaries, and human errors in the medical system have been driving many troubles. 

The PointClickCareCNA software allows employees to monitor, check, and report on the health of patients.

CNA portal for Point Click Care CNA portal helps you to observe the medical history of the patient, gives the ticket to medical reports and details regarding the medications, and allows you to check the online schedule. 

pointclickcare cna

This CNA Portal software provides the bridge for straightforward communication between the patient, the organization, and all the associated parties with the portal. It provides a simple interface and is easy to use for the user. It is quicker and highly responsive to anyone for use.

With the aid of this Point Click Care CNA portal, the staff and patients get the round clock mobility for accessing any information.

Enough of the information regarding the Point Click Care software. Let’s look at the benefits of using this portal.

Advantages of using the POC CNA Login

You should be aware of the benefits provided by pointsclickcare login as it has innumerable advantages. They are as follows,

  • It is a cloud-based revolutionary portal.
  • The most authentic data platform
  • Information and data that are real-time
  • More helpful customer retention with the software
  • Access to patient histories
  • An Ecosystem that performs for everyone
  • The disparity is minimized between acute care and post-acute care
  • PointClickCare CNA Notification reminders about the scheduled appointments
  • The keen responsive, and soundest interface
  • The portal delivers a streamlined-documentation process
  • It is effortless to manage information about prescription
  • Appointment management and access to billing information of all the patient information all in one location.

We have covered all the benefits of using the portal. Now, let’s look at the requirements for Point Click Care Login Portal.

What are the PointClickCare CNA Login Requirements?

It required a few essential details to log in to the portal, which are mentioned below.

  • Official URL for the PointClickCare CNA log in
  • Credentials like username and password of the point click care login
  • An updated new version of web-browser 
  • A computer or laptop must be required. Tablets and smartphones might be able to connect.
  • Require stability in the internet connection 

The Requirement is clear for logging into the portal. Now, Let’s see the step for login into the POC CNA portal.

How to Login to PointClickCare CNA? Step-by-Step Guide

The Mentioned Below are the essential steps you need to follow for the login into the CNA POC portal.

PointClickCare CNA Login

  • Click the Login button (see the above image) 
  • Insert if you have Org Code. 
  • Enter the Username point of care Login
  • Insert a pointclickcare login password

How to Reset the Pointclickcare CNA Login Password?

If you’ve lost or forgotten your Point of Care login password, then you need to reset it with immediate effect. Without the password, you are not able to login into the Pointclickcarecna portal, and you will not avail of all its benefits. 

You can only reset your Pointclickcarecna login password by contacting customer support at their official customer care number [1.877.722.2431].

You will receive your point of care login password in a swap for Pos CNA.

PointClickCare Help Information

The issues which have been faced in pointclickcare login are mostly technical. The most common problem that occurs in the use of the CNA portal is,  

pointclickcare error

Use the below information to contact the right authority for the immediate solving of the above error.

Official Website: https://pointclickcare.com/

Contact: 1.877.722.2431


In this article, we have covered all the aspects of Point of Care CNA  and the step-by-step process for the login, requirements, and forgetting the password for pointcare login. Hope we have been helpful to you with the above information, and it will help you log into the CNA POC portal easily.

FAQs For Point Click Care Login

Q. Can I check my billing information using the POC portal?

Ans. Yes, You can check your account information related to payments with your point of care login credentials.

Q. Where to contact while seeing the error 403 Forbidden?

Ans. You need to contact to solve the error at PointClickCare’s official contact number – 1.877.722.2431

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